2022 Guideline Implementation Champions

Guideline Implementation Champions
ASH welcomes the submission of quality improvement projects that are developed and align with one or more ASH Clinical Practice Guideline recommendation that aim to improve the quality of patient care delivered are encouraged.

Applications are encouraged from clinicians and/or researchers and/or trainees at all levels, in both academic and community settings. Submissions should be evidence-based quality improvement focused projects and should not be traditional research projects. Applicants are not required to be ASH members or hematologists. 

Competitive submissions should include one or more of the following:
- Demonstrate a measurable impact (preliminary data is acceptable) (e.g. reduction in cost of care, length of stay, number of transfusions, imaging scans performed, etc.)
- Describe any barriers or challenges and how they were overcome
- Provide details on any iterative changes that may have been necessary to achieve success, including how many iterations were needed, how adjustments were developed/implemented, and whether such adjustments led to further reduction in harm, costs, or frequency of unnecessary testing.
- Describe if the project involved collaboration or interaction across multiple departments
- Highlight if a unique change strategy was used (though successful applications may rely on existing strategies)
- Describe how patient partners (if any) were involved in the development and/or implementation

Questions about the Guideline Implementation Champion's application process can be sent to quality@hematology.org. 

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