Advocate on Behalf of Maternal Health Care

ASH has undertaken a comprehensive effort to help improve maternal health care outcomes in hematology, including supporting advocacy to oppose any laws or regulations that seek to interfere in the confidential relationship between a patient and their physician and prevent physicians from providing necessary medical care or offering evidence-based information to their patients.  In late June 2022, ASH released a policy statement on The Right to Maternal Health Care, which outlines the many blood disorders that put pregnant women at risk of severe, even fatal, health complications and supports the maternal health rights of women with hematologic conditions. As legislative action in this area is expected to increase in state legislatures throughout the country, the Society is looking for members who are interested in becoming maternal health advocates in their states. Advocates will be asked to assist the Society in educating lawmakers about the connection between hematology and maternal health and the health needs of women with hematologic conditions, opposing harmful restrictions that impact the right to maternal health, and urging legislative bodies to prioritize policies that improve health care for communities in their states.

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