2022 SCD Centers Workshop Application Form

All applications for the 2022 SCD Centers Workshop must include the following:  

1. Application Contact Information: Name and contact information for the person submitting the application.   

2. Team Information:  
    - Name and contact information of the team lead
    - A biosketch of team lead using the NIH biosketch format.     
    - Name, contact information, and 1-3 sentence biosketches for additional team members (up to two team members). Please visit https://grants.nih.gov/grants/forms/biosketch.htm for information on this format. 

3.  A status document describing, in two pages, an overview of current efforts by the institution to serve the adult sickle cell disease patient population. Include in this document information on the size and characteristics of that population and a description of current efforts to serve this population. This document should provide insights into the needs of this patient population and might offer comments on the next steps that seem logical to address these needs.  

4. Optional Letter of Support: The submission of a letter of support is highly desirable but not required. The purpose of the letter of support is to indicate that decision-makers within the institution are generally supportive of efforts to address the needs of the adult sickle cell disease population served by the institution. The presence of a letter of support will be a positive factor in the weighing of applications. However, the letter of support is optional, as some applicants will still be facing barriers to winning over such support.  

For additional information on the 2022 ASH Sickle Cell Disease Centers Workshop, please click hereThe application deadline is October 15, 2021.

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